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20-26 October 2022

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The Online Furniture Show is back this Autumn!

We're bringing the best online show back with an updated look, easier than ever product uploading and more in depth views of products, pricing and details for our visitors.

Powered by DataHouse, the Autumn Show is the perfect place to find that new look for your store, or to find extra stock in time for the big January sales. Everything is here, and it's all at your fingertips on any device. Save time travelling and get more done online this Autumn at The Online Furniture Show.

If you are looking to lower your carbon footprint and find new contacts easier than ever contact us today.

About our platform

Lower your carbon footprint Wider coverage for a low cost Over 1700 unique visitors to our shows Keep connected to customers Put your brand in front of the right people Find new contacts easier than ever

"We really enjoyed our first show with The Online Furniture Show and will continue to attend this event. We have connected with new customers and a lot of our current customers, helping us to continue to grow into new markets post show."

Bruce Bell
Marketing Director - Gallery Direct

"A very user friendly format that we hope to visit again. We want to see as many people at the show as possible, as this is our only way to visit our suppliers where restrictions are still in place!"

Emma Leeke
Managing Director - Leekes Retail

"A worthwhile investment, platform was easy to set up with our product details, our clients loved this platform so we could showcase our new collections, the show generated revenue and many blue-chip sales leads, I look forward to the next show."

Tom Savidge
Managing Director - Carlton Furniture & Vintage Sofa Company

"Our sales representatives were energised and loved having a place to generate new business after a long time without. We opened new accounts and added new business thanks to The Online Furniture Show and hope to do the same in 2022!"

Tim Dow
Commercial Manager - Vogue Beds

£400 + VAT

Exhibitor Package
  • Demo of the system
  • Marketing done on behalf of the company
  • Marketing tools for yourself to use

£1000 + VAT

Premium Package
  • Custom HTML Page (Bespoke Design)
  • In Depth Sales Training Meeting
  • Free Custom Email Shot
  • Personalised Demonstration of the System
  • Company Marketing done on behalf of the Company
  • Marketing tools for yourself to use

Exhibit at the show for only £400+VAT

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