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Built to scale to any show event both hybrid or 100% virtual

The Online Furniture Show platform was designed to host shows and events of any size seamlessly, helping to further improve the connectivity of the show trade and reaching more people than a traditional physical show inside trade halls ever could.

Our system is completely scaleable, meaning a show can host a handful or several halls full of product, all in an easy to navigate and simple to use solution that helps buyers find products faster and learn more all in a few clicks.

For a full demo of our system, get in touch with our team to see just how our platform could revolutionise your next event today.

A truly premium online show

We know that our industry isn't just product, it's a lifestyle and experience. That's why our exhibitors can create a one of a kind stand space to showcase the best of their brand and products in the right way, not just a template online.

Stay connected online

Our visitor hub helps keep exhibitors and visitors connected, as well as allowing visitors to the show to speak to each other in our visitor hub. If you normally meet with others at trade shows, you can live chat and browse together to help make decisions on product as one.

Favourite it. Don't lose it.

As you browse, add products to your favourites to ensure you can easily go back and find it again at the end of the show to make your final buying decisions. Compare products and finalise your favourites in the Favourite tab to get the best out of our show.

Accurate pricing straight away

Each product shown where setup by our exhibitors will have a live and accurate purchase price for you. Our exhibitors can set exclusive pricelists to ensure customers see the correct price every time they visit them on our system.

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